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The world is seriously concerned about global warming which brings in the relevance of the contribution of non-conventional sources of energy. In India it will be a long way forward where it now contributes with only 12 % of the overall power generation.

As per some estimate 65% of power from renewable sources comes from wind energy. Biomass accounts for 14%, small hydro- power projects contribute 13% and solar energy 5% and other sources contribute about 3%.

Today, we generate 1.8 GW of electricity from solar energy and the entire sources of renewable energy adds up to 29 GW . By 2017 this will grow to 55 GW where the Solar energy generation alone will be 20 GW.

Apart from these, wind energy is proving to be another source of renewable energy in the country. Biomass energy is another evolving option. With tons of agriculture waste going unused, Biomass promises a lot for India.

The Way Forward

These are all statistics which shows the way towards the goal of generating more power through non- conventional sources. At TAO Energy we remain for this - In contributing to the generation of more and more clean energy through innovative ways of multi pronged measures in the renewable energy space – particularly in Solar.

Solar projects require lots of space; a single residential solar panel generally covers 15 to 16 square feet. Many urban areas possess an abundance of one extremely valuable resource – underutilized rooftop area. Urban centres can become important contributors in our quest for energy independence by taking advantage of this asset on the roofs of our buildings.

Broadly, the solutions from TAO Energy contribute towards developing a safer and healthier ambience for Urban living in a sustainable way. We, The Team TAO , is committed to traverse the Way Forward towards this objective.


Human activities, be it domestic agricultural or industrial, generate Solid Waste.And we all know if not properly managed these wastes can adversely affect environment, health and safety.

Every day, urban India generates 188,500 tonnes of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) and the waste generation increases by 50% every decade. Industrial and commercial complexes are springing up in different parts of the country creating great challenges for the urban governing bodies, industrial/ commercial property owners and facility managers.

Currently most of these wastes are being recovered by informal recyclers , leaving the rest to reach open dumpsites where it cause public health issues, deterioration of the environment, and ultimately the climate change.

The problems of collection, transport, proper use and disposal have become a gigantic task, straining both financial resources of the civic bodies and their physical capabilities, not to mention the problem of availability of disposal sites.

So the focus is shifting to the concept of managing and processing the waste at source itself. Even the civic bodies are now forcing the Bulk Waste Generators to manage their waste on-site or use shared services for the purpose.

At Tao Energy , we guide our customers , industrial or commercial, to adopt the best technologies in waste management .Tao Energy acts as the Lead Partner in getting the ideal solution for our client facilitated through specific Technology Partners and Associates.

Whatever may be the nature of your business or activity, Hotel ,Hospital, Shopping Malls, Industrial Units,Food processing Centres, Large Commercial Buildings ….speak to us for any of your Solid Waste handling , including Bio Waste handling


All the major civilizations of the world originated and flourished on the banks of the rivers. Not so long ago , the humans drank water directly from the rivers and the wells . Gone are those days.

The rapid urbanization of the world polluted the earth with our sources of water being the most natural calamity of it all .Rural India seems to give way for an explosion of cities and It is estimated that these cities will soon hold 50% of the total population of India. This would require a huge addition to the capacity of clean water and waste water treatment facilities in these cities.

The civic bodies will find it an extremely arduous task to meet the demand of clean water by preventing the available water sources from contamination apart from the routine of treatment of waste water.

But this is not any more a challenge exclusive for the Governing bodies of the State. Industrial Units have the responsibility of treating the waste water they produce as part of their process. More than the statutory abeyance , a care for the environment makes any residential or commercial community of humans to develop the means of waste water treatment like Aprartments, Hotels ,Hospitals, Schools and Colleges ,Shopping malls etc.

Tao Energy brings you the relevant technology and means for your quest for clean Water . Email us your specific requirements


We provide Diesel Generators with capacities ranging from 15 - 2200kVA Supply along with control panels, acoustic and exhaust system, cooling systems etc.

Facilities with critical equipments require UPS systems.Apart from the advantage of supplying power to the loads continuously the UPS eliminates practically all power disturbances, including transients, noise, and voltage fluctuations.We offer UPS systems from 3 to 700 KVA.

Tao Energy will work along with their customers in setting up the ideal Power Back Up solution , comprehensive or specific need wise.


Intelligent Building Management Systems seek to integrate disparate systems on a common infrastructure by getting together individual functional superiorities, thereby improving the quality of the building from both the end-users and the owners’ perspective.

An Intelligent Building provides a productive, cost effective environment through optimization of structure, systems, services and management as well as inter-relationship between them. Building technologies are positioned for additional growth with embedded intelligence leading to excellent comfort levels, state-of-the-art security, optimized operational costs, and exceptional smartness.

An ideal Building Management System is central to 'Intelligent Buildings' concepts; its purpose is to control, monitor and optimize building services.

TAO Energy takes up turn key projects for Intelligent Building Management Systems ,coordinating the functions of lighting; heating; security, CCTV and alarm systems; access control; audio-visual and entertainment systems; ventilation, filtration and climate control, etc.

At TAO Institute of Energy Studies(TIES), aspiring Professionals are hand held to the exciting world of Renewable Energy Studies...