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The Renewable Energy Solutions

The world is seriously concerned about global warming which brings in the relevance of the contribution of non-conventional sources of energy. In India it will be a long way forward where it now contributes with only 12 % of the overall power generation.

As per some estimate 65% of power from renewable sources comes from wind energy.  Biomass accounts for 14%, small hydro- power projects contribute 13% and solar energy 5% and other sources contribute about 3%.

Today, we generate 1.8 GW of electricity from solar energy and the entire sources of renewable energy adds up to 29 GW . By 2017 this will grow to 55 GW where the Solar energy generation alone will be 20 GW.

Apart from these, wind energy is proving to be another source of renewable energy in the country. Biomass energy is another evolving option. With tons of agriculture waste going unused, Biomass promises a lot for India.

The Way Forward

These are all statistics which shows the way towards the goal of generating more power through non- conventional sources. At TAO Energy we remain for this - In contributing to the generation of more and more clean energy through innovative ways of multi pronged measures in the renewable energy space – particularly in Solar.

 Solar projects require lots of space; a single residential solar panel generally covers 15 to 16 square feet. Many urban areas possess an abundance of one extremely valuable resource – underutilized rooftop area. Urban centres can become important contributors in our quest for energy independence by taking advantage of this asset on the roofs of our buildings.

Broadly, the solutions from TAO Energy contribute towards developing a safer and healthier ambience for Urban living in a sustainable way. We, The Team TAO , is committed to traverse the Way Forward towards this objective.

At TAO Institute of Energy Studies(TIES), aspiring Professionals are hand held to the exciting world of Renewable Energy Studies...