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As the Value Added Reseller for TATA Power Solar Ltd , TAO Energy Pvt Ltd offers Grid Connected Solutions from 10 KWp to the tune of MW range to our customers .We offer Solar Power Plants made up of high quality solar modules manufactured by TATA Power Solar for a wide range of commercial installations.

Do you manage any Commercial Office space , Industry , Educational Institution, Auditorium , Convention Centre, Show Room , Hospital , Hotel , Resort ? And are worried about the rising the power bills ? You are keen to utilize the roof tops of your facilities for generating Solar Power ?

Or do you plan to utilize any vacant land to good effect to augment the power needs of your industry or business ? Or curious to know if you can consume Solar Power on a BOO/T (Build Own Operate and/ Transfer ) model without worrying about the Capital expenditure?

Call Us or Email your specific needs to know how TATA Power Solar Plants can reduce your dependence on the EB (Electricity Board) Power or DG (Diesel Generator)

Tata Power Solar ,with a manufacturing capacity of 200 MW module , is the solar industry pioneer in India having started off in 1989 as a joint venture between Tata Power Company and British Petroleum Solar. Currently the company operates independently as a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Power.


*No. 1 third-party EPC player for 2014
*No. 1 domestic module supplier for 2014
*Only Indian manufacturer among the top 10 module suppliers for the Indian market
#only Indian company whose modules are ranked as Tier 1 in Bankability by GTM Research and has been successfully certified by Potential Induced Degradation (PID).
*As per Solar Map 2014, released by Bridge to India , a leading consulting firm in India’s Cleantech market.
#According to GTM Research and successfully certified by Potentially Induced Degradation (PID)

The Benefits to Customer

Up to 100% accelerated depreciation in the 1st year of operation as tax benefit

Hedge against rising energy costs

Financial incentives in the form of RPO/SPO

25 years performance warranty on solar panels ensures peace of mind

Save up to 15000 units/year (with a 10kwp system)

Reduced carbon footprint with reduction of carbon emissions up to 874 grams/kWh

Scalable design for easy upgrade

Negligible maintenance

Compliance with CSR policies and sound investment in environmental sustainability

Last but not the least – Solutions and Warranty from the most trusted name in India , TATA - in a market which is highly disorganized and fragmented.


Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS )systems serve two main purposes: 1) to provide backup power as quickly as possible in the event of power loss and 2) to offer some degree of protection from power quality issues that may damage equipment. UPS systems will fulfill these goals to varying degrees depending on their design and features.

UPS systems are used in a variety of applications, including data servers, computer systems, industrial settings and for any commercial business purposes . Because UPSs protect equipment, they are appropriate for any situation where electrical loads may be sensitive to power loss or other power quality issues. UPS systems are commonly used for computers and servers, for example, because power loss to these loads may result in loss of data or component damage.

Likewise, many equipments are sensitive to interruptions in power supply or poor quality power. Many facilities in developing nations are at risk as the grid power is unreliable or of poor quality, resulting in scheduled or unscheduled power loss for large portions of the day, or due to fluctuations in grid voltage adversely affecting the equipments.

So in general, apart from the potential damage to equipment, power loss leads to downtime, affecting the quality and availability of their critical services.

TAO Energy offer UPS systems belonging to Micro , Medium and Enterprise range based on capacity and criticality. Our Product Expert will serve the customer in making the right decision suiting his requirements.

Call us or Email on your specific needs of UPS Systems

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