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Any facility would require a reliable, stable supply of electricity under a wide range of operating conditions. The Uptime of applications are fast turning less tolerant of power disturbances. Power disturbances are beyond the control of any Business owner or a facility manager. Faults in the utility's distribution system, voltage spikes, voltage sags, brownouts, and blackouts can all cause interference or interruption in service calling for the need of Diesel Generators (DG) and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems.

We provide Diesel Generators with capacities ranging fromĀ 15 - 2200kVA Supply along with control panels, acoustic and exhaust system, cooling systems etc.

Facilities with critical equipments require UPS systems.Apart from the advantage of supplying power to the loads continuously the UPS eliminates practically all power disturbances, including transients, noise, and voltage fluctuations.We offer UPS systems from 3 to 700 KVA.

Tao Energy will work along with their customers in setting up the ideal Power Back Up solution , comprehensive or specific need wise.

At TAO Institute of Energy Studies(TIES), aspiring Professionals are hand held to the exciting world of Renewable Energy Studies...